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Nathan P. Destro

Nathan has been working as a professional in Visual Arts since 2002, the year he first picked up a camera. Although he found his passion in photography fifteen years ago and this continues to be his primary art form, he has extensive experience with other artistic mediums and forms as well.

The obsession with photography and digital processes pushed deep into technologies relating to photography, so he pursued and completed Master’s Degree coursework for Interactive Media in Johannesburg, South Africa. His series titled “Humanature”, of which you can find photographs on this site, evaluates the (un)common ground where humans, nature, and technology collide. The resulting struggle for balance provides a plethora of content, but it is his goal to provide the viewer/participant with an alternative perspective that will incite a broader understanding and perhaps be a catalyst for independent action. After the year spent in Africa, Nathan managed a production equipment rental house and retail store until early 2017. During this time he built an extensive knowledge of equipment and a network of trusted colleagues throughout the world.

Currently, Nathan is based out of the Chicago area and freelances as a Photographer, Director, Digital Imaging Technician, Consultant, Interactive Media Specialist and Inventor. He lives with his wife in a Chicago suburb, where they are raising their child.  The environment, culture, and technology continue to be a driving factor in both his recreation and artwork, and activities such as mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, and fishing are some of his favorite pastimes.

CV Available upon request.